5 Things To Look Out For When Contracting A Bathroom Renovator

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June 28, 2023
Bathroom Renovation Advice

Ready To Have Your Bathroom Renovated, Not Sure Where To Start?

First thing is first, think about your ideal bathroom and budgeting. Then start your search for a Local Bathroom Renovator or Local Bathroom Renovation business. That is all fairly easy so far,right?

Now for the tricky part, deciding who you trust and prefer out of your bathroom renovators. Below are 5 tips when selecting a professional bathroom renovator.

Previous Work

Ask them about their previous works, a good renovator will offer testimonials and references from previous customers. Can they show you their previous work?


How long have they been in the industry for? This is not always a strong method of making a decision, however, its important to know if they are competent renovators and familar with experiences and situations while renovating.

Do they have the correct licenses and qualifications? You should look for Licensed Builders in NSW Having the correct licenses and accreditation will assist in consumer protection.


Is the renovator on time? Do they dress and act appropriately in your home? Will their workers act appropriately and respect your home?

We often hear of horror stories surround tradespeople who won’t turn up on time, delay work for non job related reasons, or even worse, tradespeople acting unprofessional in a customers home, the list goes on.

You will get the vibe early while discussing the project with the bathroom renovator, that they appear unprofessional, if this happens, look for another contractor.

Don’t forget to ask them about cleaning up and the state of the bathroom after each day and job completion. Professional Bathroom Renovators will make sure the job site is cleaned appropriately.


Ask your Bathroom Renovator for a quote and discuss with them to ensure that it is at your price point. You need to have a Bathroom Renovator who will discuss realistic pricing options and explanations on the cost. Transparency is important for your budget and for you to know that the renovator is honest and not their to over sell or under sell you.

Be wary of contractors that offer very cheap bathroom solutions, its most likely because the fixtures and materials are poor quality or the tradespeople involved are of poor quality.

Can they offer detailed quoting? Avoid those hidden surprises that unscrupulous contractors may throw throughout the job.


What are the systematic steps that your Bathroom Renovator will take? This is important as it not only shows their competence as an experienced builder and installer, it will allow you to get an idea of timelines and what to expect. Imagine having your bathroom demolished without notice or consent.

Does your renovator offer warranty and additional service after the renovation is complete? The contractor unfortunately cannot ensure that your bathroom will last forever in the amazing state after the job completion, however, they can offer a time period warranty which can be a great addition to work completed.

A great bathroom Renovator will take pride in their workmanship and service, if they don’t offer great communication or invite you to contact them at anytime after the job, it’s a sign that your bathroom renovations might end in disaster.


These 5 tips should give you a great starting point in discussing your bathroom renovation needs with a potential contractor. Ultimately, when hiring the right bathroom renovation specialist, they wont be the cheapest option out there and they wont promise the greatest bathroom in existence. They will be honest, transparent, professional, offer excellent service and their pricing will adequately and affordably match these qualities.

If you are still unsure on a local bathroom remodel, reach out and we would love to assist.

-Abe,  Hills Bathroom Founder

Still Unsure Of What Can Be Done With Your Bathroom Space

If you are unsure of what can be done with your Bathroom Space at Home or have any questions about any of the design concepts you may have spotted, feel free to contact us for some professional bathroom renovation advice.