5 Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles Before A Bathroom Renovation

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June 28, 2023
Bathroom Renovation Advice

Most people can visit your home and be pleasantly impressed by its exterior and interior appearance. When it comes to your bathroom however, most people won’t just look at it; they will carefully inspect it and pick out any details that they may not like or even  find offensive.

In this sense, the bathroom of a home can make or break a deal if you’re currently showing it to potential homebuyers. Therefore, if you’re thinking of renovating your home before putting it up for sale or just for enhanced personal comfort, a bathroom renovation is one of the best places to start.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right bathroom tiles is crucial to establishing the look and feel of any bathroom. They design patterns can be carefully arranged to create a wide array of ambience options that reflect your personal style and taste.

However, bathroom tiles are available in a wide array of options and materials so knowing which ones to use for your particular home can be a daunting task. Although choosing the right bathroom tiles is not an overly difficult process to do; but bathroom tiling is an investment that’s worth taking the time to plan out carefully.

Read our following favourite tips to help you choose the right bathroom tiles for your home. Choosing the right ones can help improve increase the quality of life for you and your family, or it can also help add some extra bucks to your bottom line when you sell the house.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Tiles

Have A Carefully-Prepared Budget Ready:

Bathroom tiles come in many different designs, materials and quality. Logically, their prices will vary just as much. Going to the hardware store without having any notion of these prices can potentially set you up to make exactly the wrong and costly buying decisions you are looking to avoid.

In addition, you also have to adjust your budget to include the installation costs for your tiles. Otherwise you may end up with a pile of tiles in the corner of your bathroom for months because you “unexpectedly” ran out of cash.

Choose The Right Tile Designs And Colours:

You don’t have to be an interior design specialist to know when there’s a drastic color mismatch. Hint: they’re very uncomfortable to look at.

You may come across a very cool looking bathroom tile set at the store, but you can’t make your decision on a knee-jerk reaction at the store. You are buying bathroom tiles that will decorate (good or bad) your bathroom possibly for many years to come.

Therefore, you should keep yourself honest and consider whether or not those cool-looking tiles at the store will actually enhance the look and feel of your bathroom at home.

Choose The Right Tile-Size:

Bathroom come in all shapes and sizes so you should choose the appropriately sized tiles according to the size of your bathroom. Large tiles, for example, will look wildly out of place in a small bathroom.

Take the time to measure your bathroom dimensions and play around with different tile sizes until you can match a tile that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Forgo Safety Over Aesthetic Appeal:

Most people know that most bathroom tiles are made out of ceramic. Not everyone knows that they have varying degrees of slip-resistance.

As the bathroom is obviously a place where the floor will frequently get drenched with soap water, it tends to be more accident-prone than other areas of the house.

While it is important to choose bathroom tiles that have an attractive design, a safe uglier bathroom is a lot better than a dangerous but cool-looking bathroom.

Buy Enough Bathroom Tiles:

One of the most common mistakes that people make when purchasing bathroom tiles for the  first time is not buying enough of them. This causes the common problem of running out of tiles and having extra floor room that remains uncovered.

If left unchecked, water can potentially drain under the tiles and causing water damage to the floor underneath the rest of the tiles. This can cause the entire floor to start coming apart and thus potentially ruining your bathroom tile installation.

Needless to say, this will require even more money and time to fix and/or replace.

Bathroom Reno Contractors

Most people are not experts at installing bathroom tiles. These days, most of us already live hectic lifestyles that leave little-to-no time to dedicate to home renovation projects like bathroom tile installations.

This is why hiring the services of professional tile installation experts is probably the most cost-effective and rewarding option for families these days. With so many local bathroom contractors in every city, finding the right ones for your home can be a little confusing.

Here are some easy-to-understand characteristics to look for when shopping for a contractor service.

  • Look at their credentials: most reputable bathroom reno contractors can be found online where you can see the reviews that other people in your locality leave them. In addition, you should be able to confirm if they have a valid operating license to run their business in your town.
  • Be sure to document ALL the work being done: Most professional bathroom reno contractors will gladly document all the work and prices before they begin working on your bathroom. This is a way to protect themselves for potential lawsuits but it is also a way for customers to protect their investment.
    Be sure to capture the length of time and the total cost of the project.
  • Quantify how much experience they encompass: Don’t be fooled by a great-looking website. Remember, you are dealing with actual people who are going to be doing some serious renovation work in your house.

If they are as professional as they claim to be, their work history should be fairly easy to quantify and verify.

Although there are quite a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing tiles and finding the right bathroom reno contractors for your home; following the above tips should help you avoid a lot of potentially costly errors that a lot first-timers tend to make.

Still Unsure Of What Can Be Done With Your Bathroom Space

If you are unsure of what can be done with your Bathroom Space at Home or have any questions about any of the design concepts you may have spotted, feel free to contact us for some professional bathroom renovation advice.