Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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June 28, 2023
Bathroom Renovation Advice

Renovating a Small Bathroom isn’t an easy process even for the most adept Handyman or Handywoman. No matter if you are renovating your Master Bathroom or a Small Bathroom, the same questions arise. ‘Which style of Bathroom should we choose?’, ‘How much will our Bathroom Renovation Cost?’ and many more.

We have developed a list of bathroom renovation ideas and concepts from around the web to assist in getting those creative juices flowing.

A tip from Abe, our Bathroom Renovation Specialist, when looking at these sites for inspiration is to ‘Take notice of the little details in each design, the floor tiles, wall tiles, the amount of space available in your current Bathroom, ensuring that your Bathroom design is compatible with the space’.

Check Out These Bathroom Renovation Ideas And Concepts Below


Houzz is Australia’s leading Home Website. There are amazing designs and concepts for the whole house here, the Bathroom concepts available are definitely worth the visit.


Some really interesting Before and After Small Bathroom Makeovers.

Another great page on the HGTV site. The Bathroom Shower Designs images. There are 75 great designs listed here.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a treasure trove of great design ideas and notes from professionals. Below is a great article that we loved, discussing bathroom vanities and various shapes that can be used.


Tiny Sinks and Wall Mounts!


One of the well known sites that you would expect on this list, there are huge amounts of images and Pins on great Bathroom ideas and concepts. Check out this Pinned list-

House Beautiful

Here is a great list of Ideas and tips, 65 to be exact! Take your time going through this list, a ton of inspiration.

Better Homes And Gardens

Here is a small list of some beautiful bathrooms.

Still Unsure Of What Can Be Done With Your Bathroom Space

If you are unsure of what can be done with your Bathroom Space at Home or have any questions about any of the design concepts you may have spotted, feel free to contact us for some professional bathroom renovation advice.